About Cambridge Research & Development

Founded nearly a decade ago by CEO Ken Steinberg, Cambridge Research & Development focuses on the problems most companies don't see.

Building on the capabilities of a talented team of scientists, engineers, and business analysts, Cambridge R&D provides solutions to market players in numerous industry. With unabashed pride we tout a range of solutions across such diverse fields as robotics, medicine, energy, sports, cyberterrorism, and yes, even ornithology.

Haptic Robotics

Man-machine interfaces have been in stasis. Vibration and resistance continue to be the primary modes of simulating haptics, a sense of derived touch, for the robotic operator.

Cambridge R&D is providing new, non-invasive, haptic interfaces that increase sensitivity, levels of granularity, and portability without interfering with the dexterity of the operator. These haptic interfaces are designed to work with robotic devices, past and present, in any location: terrestrial, submerged, subterranian, and space.

Cambridge R&D and Boston Children's Hospital showcase new robotic haptic interface. Read press release.

Watch video of Boston Children's Hospital surgeon using new haptic device: here.

Recent News

T. Rowe Price features CR&D Haptics in investor guidance

In recnt finanacial analyst guidance, T. Rowe Price highlighted CR&D's Haptic robotic reseach as one of the leading technologies in the field. Read the full article here.

CR&D patents new haptic surgical instruments

As part of an ongoing research effort, CR&D has recently patented a new suite of haptic-enhanced surgical instruments which allow robotic operators to perform surgical procedures with additional dexterity and precision.

Boston Children's Hospital surgeons perform haptic procedures blindfolded

CR&D haptics, integrated with an Intuitive Surgical Da Vinci robot, provided a level of haptic feedback previously unachievable. The sense of touch was so precise, surgeons were able to perform simulated surgical procedures blindfolded. For more please visit our Research section or read the press release.

UMass Lowell engages CEO to develop IP Privitization strategy

CEO Ken Steinberg working with UMass Lowell CVIP to develop a strategy for the creation of startup businesses based on non-licensed Academic IP.

CR&D leaks early haptic information

CR&D gives the world it's first look at their cutting edge haptic interface. Read more in this Manchester Union Leader article.

CR&D lends a hand at Boston Startup Weekend

CEO Ken Steinberg sits in as a judge for Boston Startup Weekend

CR&D release Tri-mode fire safety light

In a move to address new needs in home safety and occupant location, CR&D has released a new intelligent tri-mode light which interacts with smoke detector systems to provide both visible and Infrared light for quicker identification of occupants locations in a fire.

View the video here

Cybersecurity Patent Granted - Spread Mitigation

Patent granted for computer virus spread mitigation technology. Founder develops passive antivirus technology which elimates the ability of any computer virus to spread.