Cambridge Research & Development is always seeking new investment opportunities. Those seeking to obtain funding are encouraged to submit their funding request using the form below.

Please know, this process is intended to streamline the time it takes for us to evaluate your request and determine the best path forward. The information requested is exhaustive but if completed in full will go a long way towards making the decision by us and our partner network less painful and faster.

Note: We implore you to take the time needed to provide complete answers to every question. This is why we provide the worksheet below, so that you can prepare offline. Your attention to detail can be the difference maker. We know (from personal experience) how critical this information can be to our investment team. Be honest, be truthful, and be complete. These questions are chosen for a reason.

Investment criteria

  • Areas of Investment: All, with additional focus on Healthcare, BioParm, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Renewable Energy, Women-Owned Businesses and Agrotech, even philanthropy and social causes.
  • Company Stages: Startup and beyond. All comers welcome.
  • Funding Potential: $2M to $500M.
  • Funding vehicles: Open to any reasonable form, convertible debt, ownership, profit sharing etc.
  • Company Location: Primary focus on US but other countries are considered. No investment in those countries disallowed by government policy.

How to Apply

The application form below contains over 40 questions. We encourage applicants to download the preparation worksheet, fill the answers, and attached the necessary files. Note, none of the information other than your contact information is required. Fill in as much as you can, as well as you can.

We highly advise you take the time necessary to answer each question, as any savvy investor will ask you these questions. If you are going into business, you should know these answers as they are critical to success.

Download the preparation worksheet here .

The Process – What to Expect

What happens after I submit?“. Great question….

  1. You submit…
  2. We review your submission and will likely reach out to you for clarification and updates. Likely we will send you an email with your submission in a Word Doc with a variety of questions or comments. Many times we request a concall to discuss and help review our comments. (FYI, normally via Zoom)
  3. You and your team send back the updated submission doc and we review, hopefully with little-to-no additional comments. Rinse-lather-repeat as few times as possible to make sure everything is clear.
  4. We schedule a 5-10 minute video interview with the founder/executive team. We will ask four questions;
    1. What problem are you solving?
    2. What is your solution?
    3. How much is your capital request and what will it be used for?
    4. Give us a brief overview of your team.
  5. We will share all of the information and the video you submitted with our investment team.
  6. If there is interest, we will contact you to set up additional diligence. Depending on location and availability, how this additional diligence is done will vary. The rest will be standard investment discussion, hopefully leading to an investment.

FAQs, i.e questions we get asked all the time.

  • Will you sign an NDA?
    • Unfortunately no. All the information you submit goes directly to us for use with our investor network but we do need the ability to discuss your ask so an NDA would be a non-starter.
  • Is the information I submit secure?
    • Yes, the site is encrypted and the information entered goes only to us.
  • Do I have to fill in everything on the form?
    • Yes and No. Yes, in that we will not consider any submission that is not complete. No, given it is up to you how much effort you put in. Note, all of the information we request is part of normal vetting process (i.e we are going to ask anyways!) so we are actually SAVING everyone a ton of TIME. Plus you are the best voice for your company. Make it compelling!

Recommended Submission file templates

Here are a few template files that can be used to prepare for your submission.

Executive Summary template

Projected 5yr P&L

Application Form

After completing this application, you will generally hear from us in 14 days or less. You will also receive a copy of this submission via email, for your records. We do not advise you to call or email us. We need time to consider your request so additional communication can be a time sink. We are sure you understand…

Privacy: All information is private and will NOT be shared with any third party other than those considering the application for investment.