Cambridge Research & Development is always seeking new investment opportunities. Those seeking to obtain funding are encouraged to submit their funding request using the form below.

Please know, this process is intended to streamline the time it takes for us to evaluate your request and determine the best path forward. The information requested is exhaustive but if completed in full, rewarding as these are 90% of the questions we would ask if meeting in person. Based on our experience, the time and effort saved by all is astounding.

Solving the “Tweener” Problem

If you have tried to raise capital between $1M and $10M, you have probably run into the “tweener” issue. The capital request is generally too large for angels and too small for VC’s. Not any more. This fund covers the tweener gap.

Investment criteria

  • Areas of Investment: All, with additional focus on Healthcare, BioParm, Medical Devices, Digital Health, Renewable Energy, Women-Owned Businesses and Agrotech, even philanthropy and social causes.
  • Company Stages: Startup and beyond. All comers welcome.
  • Funding Potential: $500K to $500M.
  • Funding vehicles: Open to any reasonable form, convertible debt, ownership, profit sharing etc.
  • Company Location: Primary focus on US but other countries are considered. No investment in those countries disallowed by government policy.

How to Apply

The application form below contains over 40 questions. We encourage applicants to download the preparation worksheet, fill the answers, and attached the necessary files. Note, none of the information other than your contact information is required. Fill in as much as you can, as well as you can.

We highly advise you take the time necessary to answer each question, as any savvy investor will ask you these questions. If you are going into business, you should know these answers as they are critical to success.

Download the preparation worksheet here .

Application Form

After completing this application, you will generally hear from us in 14 days or less. You will also receive a copy of this submission via email, for your records. We do not advise you to call or email us. We need time to consider your request so additional communication can be a time sink. We are sure you understand…

Privacy: All information is private and will NOT be shared with any third party other than those considering the application for investment.