The SETTI in action
The SETTI in action, post trial run.

Over 20 million surgeries performed in the US every year require general anesthesia.

Twelve percent(12%) of the time, patients require a second attempt for successful intubation, often leading to soft tissue and vocal cord damage.

The SETTI Intubation Design combines flexible distal tip accuracy with motorized tubular drive to increase successful first-time intubation.

SETTI Intubation solution
Mechanical diagram of the SETTI

The rapid, safe, and successful placement of an Endotracheal tube presents the greatest technical challenge to an anesthetist or any level of care provider involved in establishing breathing and circulation of a critically ill patient. Ineffectively managing the “difficult airway” can lead to significant morbidity (anoxic brain injury) or death.

The CR&D solution protects the soft tissue and vocal cords by introducing an intubation design, created by an anesthesiologist with 20 years of clinical experience and feedback from dozens of anesthetists and Emergency Room physicians. The SETTI distal tip provides highly improved accuracy, resulting in optimum intubation success, increased survival rates, and reduced recovery time.

A video laryngoscope offers improved visualization for difficult airways, however it offers no advantage of placing the tube correctly. The SETTI device allows the clinician to guide and advance the breathing tube with one hand. When used with a video laryngoscope, the SETTI device will offer a safer, more successful approach to any intubation, especially in the difficult airway or a situation when the clinical experience of the care provider is below the expert level.

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