Go ahead. Say it can't be done. We DARE you!

Just doing the numbers...
45 +
Patents Written
> 500000
Lines of Code
1000 +
Prototypes Printed
> 300
Sleepless Nights
Don't Expect Normal

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My time on Mars.

It occurred to me at one point this is probably as close to feeling like a Martian that I will get. I’m OK with that….

About Us

We don’t just create stunning solutions.
We mature them into offerings that the market craves.

Expertise and Experience

We don’t just innovate, we curate, we maturate….the difference is astounding!

The magic is in the way we approach problems, and also in our ability

Cambridge R&D combines outrageous engineering, scientific, and business expertise with decades of experience into a process that creates strategic solutions that create new niches and fill market voids.

Markets like Cybersecurity, Haptics, Surgical Instrumentation, Robotics, Medical Devices, Ammunition, Consumer Products, Fire Safety, Transportation, Carbon Sequestration and many more…



If the problem ignites a passion, then the real fun begins!  By “fun” we mean vetting ever aspect of the problem/solution space.

  • Is there a need and a market?
  • Is there a solution that fits the 80% customer?
  • What is the least complex solution?
  • Can it be manufactured safely?
  • What regulatory hurdles must be overcome?
  • Is there freedom to operate?
  • What is the path to market?