Pay attention, Tesla is NOT a car company!

I love all the articles by analysts talking about how Tesla stock is soaring, how their market cap is larger the Ford and GM, yada yada yada…..

The problem is everyone is missing the point. Tesla is NOT A CAR COMPANY, they are a Software and IT company. The magic of a Tesla is not the car, it’s the software and the IOT network behind it.

The average car, according to KPMG, has over 150 Million lines of code in it. As a Tesla owner, given the complexity of my car, I can only imagine my Tesla far exceeds that number.

I guess you have to experience it to really understand how critical the software and network are. In the past few years I have received numerous updates to my car and my phone. I have had conversations with tech support, driving at 80 mph, while they are remotely reading my log files and scheduling a software upgrade. I have rebooted my main and side console several times while driving safely at speed. The infotainment system is consistently adding new features and provides a plethora of features. I can’t even imagine the amount of quality control that goes into a software release considering the smallest flaw could cause death and severe decline in customer confidence.

So while everyone runs around expounding on how great the car is, the real attention and accolades need to be given to the software, QA, and network engineers who perform the real magic. A Tesla wouldn’t be worth $1 if the software and infrastructure did not work.

Car software has more LOC’s (lines of code) than Windows 10!

Good car, Superior Software

Tesla is not beating other car companies with a good car, they are beating them with superior software and technology. It’s time the analyst industry started looking under the hood and realizing where the real magic lies.