My time on Mars.

It occurred to me at one point this is probably as close to feeling like a Martian that I will get. I’m OK with that….

AI and the Interstellar Space Paradox

If we build decision making into an AI, how does one build an AI that will not decide to either ignore an outcome or build it’s own set of morals as it matures?  A true AI is supposed to learn from decisions it makes.  Like a child, it is supposed to make mistakes, learn from them, and then not make the mistake again.

Suppressing Color to Make Color

Often we think of adding color (“painting or pigments”) as the only means of creating color but thanks to the neverending spectrum of light, which contains all colors, nature chose …

Cannabinoid Confusion

“Note: This article is neither an endorsement or criticism of THC use. It is merely a thought exercise.” If you want a blatant “slap in the face” about how little …